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Truth Nation Hot New Singles [Spotify]

Truth Nation brings you the hottest new singles by indie artists worldwide. From all genres including HipHop, Pop, R&B and more!

Truth Nation Hot New Singles

Discover Me [Spotify Playlist]

Discover me is finding new talent of artists from all genres in the world and putting them all into one playlist. 

Discover Me

Chill Vibes [Spotify Playlist}

Chill Vibes is a playlist of records that puts you in a smooth melody mood. All artists are worldwide indie selected. 

Chill Vibes

Black Voice Music [Spotify Playlist]

This playlist is to bring awareness to the #blacklivesmatter movement.

Black Voice Music

Beat Starz [Spotify Playlist]

Beat Starz is a compilation of dope producers who create high quality professional production. A artist dream under one playlist.

Beat Starz

J.R. The Truth - I Told Em

J.R. The Truth - #IToldEm On Spotify
Prod. By: @pablomcr_

J.R. The Truth - I Told Em

J.R. The Truth - Pinned To The Cross [Official Music Video]


Thank you. I've checked my spotify for artists account. And your playlist I'm on are really getting streams. 

Ronnue Rasean (@Ronnue) 100K Streams & 35K Monthly Listeners On Spotify.

We a good team. Thank you for helping my thoughts come to life with the music.

Van Hardey (@Vanhardeyo) 32K Followers On Instagram.

Thank you for believing in me.

Jessy Cortez (@JessyCortez_) 10K+ Followers On Instagram.

I usually go by gut feelings and trust. Might be a good or bad thing. Which then brings out the word RISK. Every move or decision can be a risk and to be honest i feel a good vibe and something good can happen. So far everything is 100. 

A-Lexx (@1a_lexx) Feats w/ The Hoodies, DNA, Fred The Godson, So Drewski, Jadakiss

Truth Nation Records is great. They really care about the people they work with. Im a small artist so there wasn't a ton to work with but they had confidence in my music and shot it out consistently to their network reach!

Sespool (@sespool853) 17K+ Monthly Listeners On Spotify.